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11/01 Intro to Rome, Ancient/Classic Greece Exam

Housekeeping 1. Religion Chart II due Monday or Wednesday 11/01 or 11/03 2. No School Tuesday 3. Club Photo’s this week. Check with your sponsors for times. 4. Turn in Essay…Place in “Turn in” trays 5. Ancient and Classic Greek … Continue reading

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10/4 Test, H’keeping, TIC,

HouseKeeping 1. Continue working on the Google Docs Study Guide since your Exam is on Friday and Monday. Today In Class 1. Assessment Review 2. Assessment Exam Ch 1-3 Ancient Civilization Attention. We will no longer do Focus questions for our … Continue reading

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9-27 H’Keeping Today in Class, Tests

HouseKeeping 1. Tuesday and Wednesday of this week Dwyer will  implement the  Fall Diagnostic for FCAT. Tuesday will be reading and Wednesday will be Math. Today In Class Today, students created their own study guides on Google Docs. In first and third period we created … Continue reading

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9/24 Vocab Exam #1, H’Keeping and TIC

House Keeping 1. Attention students: –All group work which is turned in for a grade must have your name and your partners name. Please underline your name to earn a grade specifically for you. –Underline your name designating the work as your’s. … Continue reading

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Today In Class, Homework, Notes From Your TA

Today In Class Today was your first day of real classes, I hope you all had fun. Students received textbooks which should be left at home. It is a rather large text-book and I’m hoping to have a class set. … Continue reading

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3/8 FCAT Week, Homework & Tests

Housekeeping: 1. We went over missing assignments (Tests and Homework). Many of you were informed connecerning what you are missing. Check Ed-line to see what you are still missing. ALL LATE WORK MUST BE TURNED IN BY  Monday, MARCH 15TH. … Continue reading

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3/1-2/10 Today In Class

Today in class 1. Discussed changes to Homework assignments for the rest of the year. – New Questions from chapter homework – Planning for E-portfolio (Still in development) – Discussed the procedures for the after school review for AP World … Continue reading

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