In Class 9/9-10

Today in Class

Today you recieved textbooks. You should read Chapter 1 by next class. Also, you recieved a handout on Cornell Notes. This should be your primary note taking technique for lecture notes. They will help you.

There will be a vocabulary test Monday or Tuesday (9/14-15) depending on your block. The first 30 words will be on the test, so please study them. The hand out is on the previous post. Please download and print it because the rest of Foundations vocabulary is there.

Notes from Your T.A.

I’m truly impressed by how many emails I have been recieving from students. I love getting your emails, and I try to reply to you as fast as possible but I do have one request. When you email me, write it as if I am a teacher. I’m not a student so please don’t email me like you email your friends. I hope that this won’t discourage you from writing.

-Your T.A.