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07-29-2010 4th Summer Assignment:Getting to Know Your Teaching Assistant, Google Docs, Summer Homework

Notes From Your T.A. I know that some of you may have seen me on campus and I thought that you may want to get to know me before the first day of school. My name is Shea Chidester. I … Continue reading

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Internet access problem…no lesson till thursday…sorry.

Hello my wonderful students. I am sitting in my public library writing this to you…because my Internet isn’t working at this time. Actually it works and then doesn’t work. Some people think I broke it with my new computer but … Continue reading

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07-21-2010 3rd Summer Assignment – 1. Review Themes, 2. Periods of History

Review Advanced Placement World History focuses on the dynamics of continuity and change across historical periods. To do this we will analyze the processes and causes involved in these continuities and changes through the Themes of APWH. Here are the … Continue reading

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07-13-2010 2nd Summer Assignment – AP Overview Part 1 and Early Man

Advanced Placement World History is a course designed to challenge highly motivated students to understand the global processes and history that shaped human development for the last 10,000 years. This course provides balanced global coverage with content shaped by A.P. … Continue reading

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07-06-2010 1st Summer Assignment…Plagiarism

Hello to all William T. Dwyer APWH students for 2010-2011. This is the beginning of your first summer assignment.  I call these summer lessons or activities “snap shot lessons”. Hopefully, they will not take up a lot of your time … Continue reading

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