Different way to learn about the Fr. Rev and a World History Timeline

Thanks to Sam for sharing the Vlogbrothers You Tube presentations of the French Revolution. This is a three parter.

God and Grain: The French Revolution, Part I

Headless Monarchy: The French Revolution, Part II

Reign of Terror:  The French Revolution, Part III

The eHistory World History section includes content from all time periods across all geographic areas. Our comprehensive timeline section includes over 5,300 events from the ancient world to the 21st century.

World History Time-line

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Take a practice test at Sparknotes.com

Here is a link to spark notes for you to take a practice test.

Click this link: Sparknotes

Sparknotes has created a test composed of 40 multiple-choice questions that are similar to those you will find on the actual AP exam on test day. On the real AP exam, the multiple-choice section is composed of 70 questions worth 50 percent of your grade that you have 55 minutes to complete. The real exam also contains a free-response section constituting 50 percent of your final grade.

This diagnostic test will pinpoint your weak areas and tell you how to use your AP Power Pack to target those areas effectively. The test takes 30 minutes to complete.

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YouTube, reminder, calendar and strategy

New You Tube Videos

These are a series of three on the Black Plague:



… a humorous overview of such a terrible plague that wiped out a third of the world’s population.

As of yesterday you have two weeks before taking the National exam. Last minute to plan a good strategy.  Here is a brief idea on planning this strategy.

Friday 4/29 :Review all material on Foundation period up to 600 BCE
Sat. and Sun. 4/30-5/1 : Review all Material on the Classic Period – Greece, Rome, Han Early America’s, Persia , India etc
Monday-Tues  5/2-3 : Post Classic Period.  600-1450
Wes-Thurs. 5/4-5 : Early Modern Period 1450-1750
Fri-Sat. 5/6-7 : Modern Period 1750-1914 (Saturday Plan on coming to our weekend Review Session)
Sunday 5/8 : Contemporary 1914-1990 Review and Practice DBQ . Review those documents on the AP central Website
– Review and Practice , CCOT and C&C- Reviewing those documents on the AP central Website
Monday 5/9 : Review all material from Foundation to Early Modern Period
Tues. 5/10 : Review all material from the Modern Period to Contemporary.
Wed 5/11 : Last Practice exam- Work on weak spots…Get a good night sleep…craming will not help if you fall asleep during the exam.
Thursday 5/12: Take the National Exam


Items for the calendars this week.
1. Finish reading and taking notes in the CAP book for your second time through the material. This must be done..No excuses and everyone agreed to finish it on March 31st. We counted out how many pages everyone still needed to read and divided them by the number of days left in the week. Some had to read 6 pages a day while others 15 to 20.

2.  Organizing  notes into time period packets (One a day)

a. Foundation             8000 BCE to 600 CE
b. Post classic             600  to 1450    CE
c. Early Modern         1450-1750 CE
d. Modern                     1750-1914 CE
e. The Present Era      1914-Present

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Great link sites for AP World History Studies

Here is a list of materials, sites (some with links) that can  help you plan for your study sessions so that you can pass the AP World History exam.

1. This Blog site. Check it daily for new info, links & videos to help you.
2. Power Point Palooza
3. Mr. Cuccio’s student Friends
4. Global Studies Review Page
5. Text Book Site
6.  FSUS Powerpoints for AP World History
7.  Flow Charts of  History
8. Your CAP book
9. Your Chapter Overview Questions
10. Student Generated Study guides for Chapter 1-3 Foundation
11. Student  Generated Study guides for Ancient Greece and Rome

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Review for the National Exam with You Tube

Here are some links  to help you review for tomorrows National Exam in APWH.

1. Foundation Review – Recommended links for AP from


2. 600-1450 The focus of this series is the Mongols, Asia, a little Africa and the Americas
There is no mention of Islamic history, Italian city states. Use you Cap Book and Cram Packets to fill in the blanks.

3. 1450-1750 – Four parts to this series

4. 1750-1914 – Four Parts Very Good Review

5. 1914-Present – Three parts

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