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Different way to learn about the Fr. Rev and a World History Timeline

Thanks to Sam for sharing the Vlogbrothers You Tube presentations of the French Revolution. This is a three parter. God and Grain: The French Revolution, Part I Headless Monarchy: The French Revolution, Part II Reign of Terror:  The French Revolution, … Continue reading

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Take a practice test at

Here is a link to spark notes for you to take a practice test. Click this link: Sparknotes Sparknotes has created a test composed of 40 multiple-choice questions that are similar to those you will find on the actual AP … Continue reading

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YouTube, reminder, calendar and strategy

New You Tube Videos These are a series of three on the Black Plague: … a humorous overview of such a terrible plague that wiped out a third of the world’s population. As of yesterday you have … Continue reading

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Great link sites for AP World History Studies

Here is a list of materials, sites (some with links) that can  help you plan for your study sessions so that you can pass the AP World History exam. 1. This Blog site. Check it daily for new info, links … Continue reading

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Review for the National Exam with You Tube

Here are some links  to help you review for tomorrows National Exam in APWH. 1. Foundation Review – Recommended links for AP from (youtube= 2. 600-1450 The focus of this series is the Mongols, Asia, a little Africa and the Americas … Continue reading

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04/11-14 H’Keeping, Week in Review, Prep for National Exam

Housekeeping: 1. AP Calendars: Fill out for this weeks study pal 2. Finish Chapter Overview Presentations (4/11-15) 2. AP World History after School Workshop Review this week 1. 4/11, 13-16 a. 4/11, 13 and 14th  Foundation Review – Bring your … Continue reading

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Spring Break – March 14-18

Hopefully you are having a great Spring Break. We will begin Review for the AP Exam on Tuesday the 22nd  till  Exam Day. Usually review days are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 3-4 pm I also will hold reviews during … Continue reading

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