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11/30-12/01 Today in Class

Today In Class Today, students took notes on Christianity throughout the Roman empire. We also went over the plan for our semester Exam. Students were shown where to access multiple choice questions to help them at for the exam at … Continue reading

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Homework Reminders

Notes From Your T.A. I hope you all had a wonderful Thankgiving and long weekend. Please remember that you’re Chapter 10 Questions are due tomorrow and Tuesday (Nov. 30/Dec 1).   – Shea

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Today In Class, 11/23-24, Thankgiving

Today In Class/Notes From Your T.A./Homework Today, students turned in their Chapter 9 Questions and then took a vocabulary test on words 1-21. After this, students watched a movie. Over Thanksgiving Break, you will need to complete your Chapter 10 Questions … Continue reading

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Today in Class 11/20

Today In Class 1. Finish the quiz on Ancient Rome Lecture Notes. 2 . We discussed using video podcasts to support lecture discussion. Podcasts. Students are required to download iTunes from (this is free) and then subscribe to the … Continue reading

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11-18-19 Quiz, SOAPS-tone Worksheet.

Today in class 1. We took the quiz from the lecture notes “Roman Empire” and “Roman Culture “Science, Technology and the Arts”. FYI– Now that we are uploading lectures to Google doc’s every student should have contacted Shea regarding an … Continue reading

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Today In Class, DBQ, SOAPSTone

Today In Class Today, students had their Winter Diagnostic for FCAT, Mr. Falvo and I hope that you all did well. Students received a new document to helped with their DBQs call SOAPSTone. This will help them analyze the documents … Continue reading

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11/12-13/09 DBQ’s, Lectures: end of the Classical Period, Take Home Assessment Due.

Today House Keeping Information 1. In 2nd Period today – mid term grades were passed out. 2. Students filled out their Scan-trons for their Take Home Assessment (THA) from previous  class. Collected  “THA”. 3. I uploaded 3 Lectures onto Google … Continue reading

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