Today In Class, Homework, Notes From Your TA

Today In Class

Today was your first day of real classes, I hope you all had fun. Students received textbooks which should be left at home. It is a rather large text-book and I’m hoping to have a class set. After textbooks were passed out, students took a pop quiz, which should have been easy for everyone.  Next, you all learned how to properly take notes using Cornell Notes. If you have any questions, email me at and I will try to help. You can always come see me after school or during lunch because I am usually in my room for both lunches.


Since you all have textbooks, you will be expected to keep up to date with readings so you can participate in class discussions. For next class, please read Chapter 1: The First Civilizations: The Peoples of Western Asia and Egypt for next class. There could be a test.

Notes From Your T.A.

I hope that all of you had a wonderful first day back. I suggest you start reading the text-book because you can always have a quiz on something you should have read. Also, please remember to take your textbooks home after you have been assigned a book. Also, if you have not gotten the Princeton Review’s Cracking the AP World History Exam book or “CAP Book” as it will be known in class, I suggest you go to the local bookstore and pick up a copy. We will use it in class.

If you have not done so already, please send me an email with your Name, Parents Name, Phone number, last social studies class taken WITH Grade level, and type of computer you will be using.

I will start using Google Docs shortly so I hope you all have an understanding of how to use it.

Have a great day,


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