9-27 H’Keeping Today in Class, Tests

1. Tuesday and Wednesday of this week Dwyer will  implement the  Fall Diagnostic for FCAT. Tuesday will be reading and Wednesday will be Math.

Today In Class

Today, students created their own study guides on Google Docs. In first and third period we created a template for  Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. Second and Fourth will create a study guide for Ancient China and Ancient India. By Tuesday afternoon, all of these will be put into one large document and EVERY student will be able to edit and add information to the document. This will be a homework grade!  We expect students to be responsible and input correct information.


1. Add the Study Guide by Thursday.
2. Study for the test Friday/Monday.


You will have a test Friday (Oct 1)/Monday (Oct 4). It will be on Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, and Ancient India.

Notes From Your T.A.

Students, as you know, Mr. Falvo and I CAN see who has edited the document on Google Docs. We can see exactly what you have put into the document. Please do not put silly needless things into the document. We expect a certain level of discipline and are trusting you to live up to this.


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