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10/29 Newsroom, Chart II and Ad Agency poster for Ancient Greece

Housekeeping 1. Ancient and Classic Greek Exam next week 2. Religion Chart II due Monday or Wednesday 11/01 or 11/03 3. No School Tuesday 4. Club Photo’s next week. Check with your sponsors for times. 5. Turn in Essay…Place in … Continue reading

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09/01 House keeping, TIC and Assessment

House Keeping 1. No school Monday for Labor Day (9/6) and Thursday  for Rosh Hasanah (9/9) 2. Ch 3 Focus questions due Next Tuesday and Wednesday 3. Test next Tuesday/Wednesday Early Man Today in class. 1. Review and Modeled how … Continue reading

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8/25 Today In Class, Test, Homework

Today In Class Today, we went over Google Docs and how to use it. Students were shown exactly how to share documents, edit documents and upload documents. If you have any questions, please email me at Here is a … Continue reading

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8/24, Today In Class, Notes From Class

Today In Class:  Today students watched CNN Student News and took notes on it. We also reviewed the different themes in World History, you will have a test on this Friday/Monday. We also finished the Early Man Lesson. We also … Continue reading

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3/8 FCAT Week, Homework & Tests

Housekeeping: 1. We went over missing assignments (Tests and Homework). Many of you were informed connecerning what you are missing. Check Ed-line to see what you are still missing. ALL LATE WORK MUST BE TURNED IN BY  Monday, MARCH 15TH. … Continue reading

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2/10/10 Today in class, Future Events

Today in class 1. Announced extra credit opportunities for students who need help to make up some missing assignments. I will pass out the assignment to my classes today and Thursday. 2. Lecture: Renaissance (Political, economic and Cultural themes) Future … Continue reading

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2/08/10 Today in class, Future events, etc

Today in class Day Two students took the Vocabulary test on words 25-75, afterward we reviewed finished lecture series reviewing the Post classic series. Future Events 1. Chapter 18 Questions due Feb 8-9 2. Tests – FCAT Writes Feb. 9 … Continue reading

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