9/22 H’keeping, TIC and Assessment

House Keeping
1. Attention students:
–All group work which is turned in for a grade must have your name and your partners name. Please underline your name to earn a grade specifically for you.
–Underline your name designating the work as your’s.
2. We need to remind students that the work completed in groups is specifically for the group. Sharing your work out side of the group will cause everyone a zero.
3. Assign Sq3R for Ch 4 Thursday and Friday

Today in Class
1. Closure lesson on the Indus river Valley Civilization PxPt.
2. Closure Lesson on ancient China PxPt.


1. Vocab Exam 1 (19-42) Thur (9/23) and Fri.(9/24)
2.  Ch. 6  Focus Questions
3. Ch 4  SQ3R due 9/27 or 9/28


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