9/03 H’keeping, TIC, assessment info

House Keeping
1. No school Monday for Labor Day (9/6) and Thursday  for Rosh Hasanah  (9/9)
2. Ch 3 Focus questions due next Tuesday and Wednesday
3. Test next Tuesday/Wednesday on Early Man
4. C.A.P. Books need to be brought to class by Tuesday (9/7)

Today in Class
1. Brain storming Activity.
Sharing everything we have learned about Early man starting with
2,5 00,000  to 10,000 B.C.E.
2. Handout on Mesopotamia.
–Review and Modeled how to study and take notes from text material.
– Finding the facts and skipping the filler.
3. Brief Film Mesopotamia-Cornell Notes
4. Viewed and Discussed CNN Newsroom

Assessment (Homework and Tests)
1. Ch. 3  Focus Questions will be due next Tuesday(9/7) and Wednesday(9/8)
2. Test: Early Man. (9/7-8)
– Questions will cover, all notes, questions, handouts, charts, videos and discussions addressing Early Man

Notes From Your T.A.

Edline is up to date. If you do not have a grade for your Chapter 2 Focus questions, please check the NO NAME TRAY. If you did not UNDERLINE your name, or did not put the period or date, I did not grade your assignment. Remember that you do not have school Monday or Thursday this week. I will see you Wednesday!



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