09/01 House keeping, TIC and Assessment

House Keeping
1. No school Monday for Labor Day (9/6) and Thursday  for Rosh Hasanah (9/9)
2. Ch 3 Focus questions due Next Tuesday and Wednesday
3. Test next Tuesday/Wednesday Early Man

Today in class.
1. Review and Modeled how to study and take notes from text material.
— Finding the facts and skipping the filler.
2. Students worked in groups to complete the Early Civilization Organizer/Chart.
3. Viewed (if time permitted)video on Early man.
— Students can watch these 2 videos from the previous post.

1. Ch. 3  Focus Questions will be due next Tuesday(9/7) and Wednesday(9/8)
2. Test: Early Man.
— Questions will cover, all notes, questions, handouts, charts, videos and discussions addressing Early Man


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