8/24, Today In Class, Notes From Class

Today In Class:

 Today students watched CNN Student News and took notes on it. We also reviewed the different themes in World History, you will have a test on this Friday/Monday. We also finished the Early Man Lesson.

We also addressed the weekly chapter questions. Listed below are the rules for these questions. 

      1.  You ARE allowed to work in groups. 
      2. You are ONLY allowed to work in groups of  TWO PEOPLE.
      3. You are NOT allowed to work with other groups. This will result in a ZERO for BOTH groups.
      4. The weekly questions can be found in the FRONT of the Chapter under the title Focus Questions. Please make sure you answer every part of the question asked.
      5. The questions are to be completed using BULLET STATEMENTS, not full sentences. Any material quoted needs to be cited.
      6.  You should complete all your chapter question on Google Docs and invite us to EDIT them. This way we can help you and tell you if you need to add more to your questions or if you have the wrong information. You will have a  lesson on Google Docs this week.
    7. ALWAYS write the question before you answer it.
    8. Your chapter questions will NOT be graded UNLESS you have your Name, Date, Period, and Chapter. 
    9. Use graphic organizers (T-Bar) when asked to either compare and/or two or more items.


The Guns Germs and Steel questions are due Monday, 8/30, Tuesday 8/31. 

The (2) political cartoons are due next class, if you have not turned them in yet. This was assigned via the blog site over summer.

Also, your Chapter 2 Focus Questions are due Monday, 8/30, Tuesday 8/31. Make sure to follow the guidelines listed above.


You will have a test one the regions of the world and the five themes of AP World History on Friday (August 27th) /Monday (August 30th)

Notes From Your T.A.

Once you have found the person you want to be in a group with, please send me an email so I can create a master list. You are not allowed to work with other groups. Mr. Falvo and I want this year to be a lot of fun. If you have any questions about anything on this site, or homework. Please email me APWorldHistory2009@gmail.com

As some of you know, I will not be on campus Tuesdays but I will still be able to respond to your emails.



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