8/20/10 Today In Class, Class Assignments

Today In Class
1. Viewed CNN Student News for current events.
2. We took notes on Early Man and Early Civilizations. 
3. We went over the guidelines for the weekly focus questions.
4. Passed out Chart Assignment : Stages of Human Development
      1st and 3rd Period due Tuesday (08/24 /10) 
      2nd  & 4th Period due Wednesday (08/25/10    

Weekly Assignment:
Chapter 2 – Chapter Questions are due  8/30 and 9/1

Notes of your T.A.

1. Students NEED to get a copy of the Cracking the AP World History Exam as soon as possible. We will be using them in class daily reading assignments.

Some students still need to email me their names so I can contact you for things like homework and test reminders as well as Google Docs.


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