08/02/2010 5th Summer Assignment: Political Cartoons

Current Events/Interpretation Political Cartoons

One of the skills needed for AP World is interpreting art of a particular time or event. Today we look toward political cartoons to explain, interpret or humor us over events occurring in and around the world.

American’s often turn to Political Cartoons for insights into major events either at home or overseas as will you with this assignment.

First, print off two copies of the NARA Cartoon Handout here. This assignment will be expected on the first day of school. I recommend you do it this week and get it out of the way.

Second, pick two different political cartoons  from Daryl Cagle’s Professional Cartoonist Index.  (Do not pick the first one’s that you come to but look around and find something you like… have a little fun.) Print each on out and attach it to the NARA Cartoon Handout.

You will use the handouts separately(one for each cartoon), follow the instructions for each one. (fill them out completely)


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