07-21-2010 3rd Summer Assignment – 1. Review Themes, 2. Periods of History


Advanced Placement World History focuses on the dynamics of continuity and change across historical periods. To do this we will analyze the processes and causes involved in these continuities and changes through the Themes of APWH. Here are the themes for you to view one more time.( These themes are the driving force behind our curriculum so learn them before school starts)

Themes of Advanced Placement World History

  1. Interaction between humans and the environment
    • Demography and disease
    • Migration
    • Patterns of settlement
    • Technology
  2. Development and interaction of cultures
    • Religions
    • Belief systems, philosophies, and ideologies
    • Science and technology
    • The arts and architecture
  3. State-building, expansion, and conflict
    • Political structures and forms of governance
    • Empires
    • Nations and nationalism
    • Revolts and revolutions
    • Regional, trans-regional, and global structures and organizations
  4. Creation, expansion, and interaction of economic systems
    • Agricultural and pastoral production
    • Trade and commerce
    • Labor systems
    • Industrialization
    • Capitalism and socialism
  5. Development and transformation of social structures
    • Gender roles and relations
    • Family and kinship
    • Racial and ethnic constructions
    • Social and economic classes

Now let’s look at the time periods we will be studying this year.

Historical Periodization

Historical Periodization Current Periodization
Period Title Date Range Wt Old titles
Period 1: Technological and Environmental Transformations 8000BCE

to c. 600 BCE.

5% Foundations:
c. 8000 B.C.E. to 600 C.E.
Period 2: Organization and Reorganization of Human Societies c. 600 BCE.
to 600 CE
15% Classic
Period 3: Regional and Transregional Interactions c. 600 C.E.
to c. 1450
20% Post Classic 22%
Period 4: Global Interactions c. 1450
to c. 1750
20% Early Modern 19—20%
Period 5: Industrialization and Global Integration c. 1750
to c. 1900
20% Modern 19—20%
Period 6: Accelerating Global Change and Realignments c. 1900 to
the present
20% Contemporary 19—20%

Now you are to visit the various links listed below reviewing the basic expectations of  each time periods that you will need to know to pass the AP World History National Exam in May.

1. Foundation and Classic Period.
2. Post Classic Period.
3. Early Modern Period.
4. Modern Period.
5. Contemporary Period.

Disclaimer: AP is making changes to the key concepts for this curriculum at this time. I will post them as soon as possible.

Have a great summer.

Mr. Falvo


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