07-13-2010 2nd Summer Assignment – AP Overview Part 1 and Early Man

Advanced Placement World History is a course designed to challenge highly motivated students to understand the global processes and history that shaped human development for the last 10,000 years.

This course provides balanced global coverage with content shaped by A.P. World History’s five core “themes(Interaction between humans and the environment, Development and interaction of cultures, State-building, expansion and conflict, Creation, expansion, and interaction of economic systems, Development and transformation of social structures.) which identify the broad patterns of History. The Theme’s also identify the processes that explain change and continuity over time and creates skills needed to develop a better understanding of them. These overarching themes and skills (Habits of Mind) foster critical thinking and encourage students to develop their own abilities of historical investigation and that of lifelong students of global history.

The course itself is divided into different time periods (Foundation, Classic, Post Classic, Early Modern, Modern and Contemporary History) which will be used to analyze global events and interactions from the foundations of history to the present. The course is designed to challenge students to “ownership” of independent ideas by maintaining a student-centered classroom environment.

The link below addresses College Board’s overview of Chronology, Themes and Habits of mind. You are required to read and print this article to be place in your notebook binder which you will bring to class on the first day of school.

Chronology, Themes, and Habits of Mind

Once you read  Chronology, Themes and Habits of mind,  you are required to view this ‘You Tube’ video looking at the development of early man. This clip is consistent with most books on the general overview of early mankind.

Early Man


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