5/13 to 05/28 Legacy Projects

Below I’ve posted a Draft of the Legacy Project for my students.
This year the main theme is CCOT. Continuity and Change over time projects.

Legacy Projects for 2010 DRAFT

CD Music Project

1. You may work alone or have two, three, or four in a group.
a. Two of your members must come from the same class period.
2. You are creating a music album. The album must have a main theme.
a. You will create six song titles from within the theme.
b. Write one to two paragraphs describing each song title within the theme.
c. Pick one title and write a complete song.
d. You will perform your song on the CD. Think movie video.
3. At least 3 to 4 verses with a chorus. You must have at least 5 main points in your song
reflective of its theme.
4. Make a sleeve for your CD case.
a. This should include a cover for your album, the lyrics to your song and the other 5 song title with explanation
b. Title of your group and the Album title.
5. You may use any song style you like except for grunge. I would like to understand what you are saying.
6. Grading will be with the F.A.S.T rubric for media productions.
7. Quality is the KEY!

CCOT Project
1. Power point project.
2. You will create a thesis statement addressing a particular question from History.
Ex. Explain the political and social impact of industrialization on feudal Japan.
Ex. Explain the technological and medical development of the modern football helmet.
3. Explained in pictures and texts. A picture following text or visa versa.
4. If you have no ideas Mr. Falvo will help you.
5. See handout for grading rubric.
6. For planning help you should use your CCOT handout. This is to be done in time periods. Analysis must be throughout the ppt’s, give examples.
7. You may work with one other person.
8. Slides= no less than 20, pictures and texts. No more than 60.
9. The last slide must have your conclusion.

APWH Originality and Creativity Project
1. Can be based on anything that you would like to present from a world history theme.
2. You may do an actual photo or video essay, you may draw and/or paint or a power point. You can also address societies’ dietary regimen within a designated time period.
3. This is a wide open category; this is also a video project if you would like.
4. On Friday you will show me your preliminary work.
5. You may use items that have changed over time.
6. The project is not limited just to AP world history; the focus of the project is to use CCOT.
7. Two to three people in a group.
8. If you are doing a movie you can have 4-5 people. Every group member must be actively involved.


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