05/06-07/10 H”keeping, After School Reviews, TIC and a comment

1. AP Calendars: Fill out for this weeks studyPlan ( 6 days to go)
2. Take Home Exam for the week end – Ch 26
      Due Mon/Tues.

3 . AP World History after School Workshop Review this week:
a. 5/10 – Review Themes through history
b. 5/11 – Practice test questions 
c. 5/12 – Prep for the exam (last run through)
d. 5/13 -Exam Day – 6:15 am – Review in my Classroom

Today in Class
1. Reviewed “Dates to Know” study guide and worksheet.
    a. The five sheets cover the five Time periods of AP World History.
2. Last set of lecture notes or comments
3. Vocabulary terms for the Present.

From Mr. Falvo
This is the last weekend before the exam. If you have followed my recommendations since spring break you don’t have any worries. If you have not followed them then it rests with your own innate abilities and learning styles. Whatever the situation maybe, good luck.


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