1. AP Calendars: Fill out for this weeks study pal
2. Take Home Exam for the week end – Cold War Ch 25
      Due Mon/Tues.

3 . AP World History after School Workshop Review this week:

Essay for the Nat’l Exam

a. 5/03 –  C & C   2005
b. 5/04 – C & C   2004
c. 5/05 – CCOT
d. 5/06  -DBQ

Today in Class
1. Passed out  “Dates to Know” study guide and worksheet.
    a. The five sheets cover the five Time periods of AP World History.
     b. Work on some of the time periods in class and finish the rest home.

2. Outline pg 273-282 in th 2010 “CAP” books. (2009 Books- 261-270) “Independence Movements and Developments in Asia and Africa.”
If not completed in class finsih at home.

Extended Trailer from the movie on the life of Gandhi. Everyone should see this movie.


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