4/30-5/03 H’keeping, After School Reviews, TIC

1. AP Calendars: Fill out for this weeks study pal
2. Take Home Exam for the week end – Cold War Ch 25
      Due Mon/Tues.

3 . AP World History after School Workshop Review this week:

Essay for the Nat’l Exam

a. 5/03 –  C & C   2005
b. 5/04 – C & C   2004
c. 5/05 – CCOT
d. 5/06  -DBQ

Today in Class
  1. .Lesson:  WWII and the beginning of the Cold War (50 min)

  • Why the United States and the Soviet Union were suspicious of each other after World War II, and the events between 1945 and 1949 that heightened tensions between the two nations
  • How historians have answered the question of whether the United States or the Soviet Union bears the primary responsibility for the Cold War, and the evidence for each side of the issue
  • How and why Mao Zedung and the Communists came to power in China, and the implications of their triumph for the Cold War
  • The major developments in the Cold War between 1950 and 1989
  • How and why the Cold War changed from a European confrontation to a conflict of global significance

   2. Film:  The 20th Century Film Series WWII  (50 min)


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