4/28-29 H’keeping, TIC

1. AP Calendars: Fill out for this weeks study pal

2. AP World History after School Workshop Review this week
1. 4/26-29
a. 4/26 – Reviewed 600-1450 time period using the Cram Packets and CAP Books
b. 4/27  Practice Exam Part 1
c. 4/28  Practice Exam Part 2
d. 4/29 Review questions and TxPeriod 1450-1750

Today in Class
  1. .Lesson:  The Inbetween years     –  Causes of WWII (50 Minutes)
       –  Versailles Treaty
       –  Effect of the Treaty
       –  Rise of the totalitarian state (Nazism, Facism,
           Communism  under Stalin)
       –  Causes of WWII

   2. Film:  Inbetween the wars (50 min)


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