4/26-27/10 H’keeping, Video, TIC, Reminder

1. AP Calendars: Fill out for this weeks study pal

2. AP World History after School Workshop Review this week
1. 4/26-29
a. 4/26 – Reviewed 600-1450 time period using the Cram Packets and CAP Books
b. 4/27  Practice Exam Part 1
c. 4/28  Practice Exam Part 2
d. 4/29 Review questions and TxPeriod 1450-1750

Today in Class
  1.  Essay CCOT     Due: Monday 26th/Tuesday 27th

Explain how Industrialization (and imperialism) brought about continuity and change (over time) in one of the regions listed below
–          the Far East
–          Africa
–          America
–          Europe

2.Lesson:  World War I
      –  Causes
      –   Technological Impact
      –   Battles
       –  End of War
       –  Versailles Treaty
       –  Effect of the Treaty

Video: The Lost Battalion 9 parts  See it. or rent it (The Best WWI film)


Items for the calendars this week.
1. Finish reading the CAP book. This must be done..No excuses and everyone agreed. We counted out how many pages everyone still needed to read and divided them by the number of days left in the week. Some had to read 10 pages a day while others 15 to 20.

2.  Organizing  notes into time period packets (One a day)
a. Foundation             8000 BCE to 600 CE
b. Post classic             600  to 1450    CE
c. Early Modern         1450-1750 CE
d. Modern                     1750-1914 CE
e. The Present Era      1914-Present


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