4/07-08/2010 H’keeping, After School Review, Calendars, TWIC, Past Due,

1. Parent Evaluation forms are due by the 15th.
2. Starting next week Monday through Friday till the National Exam we will have AP World Workshop reviews.

AP World History after School Workshop Review (Next Week)
1. 4/12-15
a. 4/12, 13 and 14th  Foundation Review – Bring your packet with you.
b. 4/14  AP  Writing…More Examples, DBQ’s  and CCOT
c. 4/15  Practice questions

AP Calendar Event
On Monday, I explained to our students the need to get focused over the next six weeks for the National Exam.
I told my students that we  needed a strategy to help us execute and achieve the goal of passing the National Exam.
This plan would begin with a calendar. I passed out a blank calendar and helped them plan for this week.
We discussed the importance of doing the things that were planned and not putting them off till tomorrow.

Items for the calendars this week.
1. Finish reading the CAP book. This must be done..No excuses and everyone agreed. We counted out how many pages everyone still needed to read and divided them by the number of days left in the week. Some had to read 10 pages a day while others 15 to 20.
2.  Organizing  notes into time period packets (One a day)
a. Foundation             8000 BCE to 600 CE
b. Post classic             600  to 1450    CE
c. Early Modern         1450-1750 CE
d. Modern                     1750-1914 CE
e. The Present Era      1914-Present
3. Complete all work from Spring break that is not finished.
4. Review Chapter questions pertaining to the Foundation period.

This week in Class

1. Bell Ringer: Read from the cap book 1914 to the present. (10 to 15 min)
2. Review Lesson on revolutions
– English Civil War
–  Glorious Revolution -English Bill of Rights.
– American Revolution
– French Revolution
– Industrial revolution
–  Haitian revolution

Future Stuff

1. Follow your calendar

2. Recap work to have been complete during Spring Break.
1. CAP Book: 1750 to 1914 finish reading during Spring break
2. Write your DBQ (2006)
3. Finish Ch 24 Questions
4. Complete both tests in the CAP Book
A. On a separate sheet of paper,  number 1 to 70 for each
Practice Exam (Test I & II) and write down the time period each
question represents. This is the test I will grade you on…
5. Reminded students that this information has been up and it was their      responsibility to read and complete since March 25th.


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