3/19,22/10 Housekeeping, TIC, Future stuff


1. Monday 3/22/10 is the last day for missing assignments (Tests, Charts and Homework) this 9 weeks . Many of you were informed of  missing  assignments. Check Ed-line to see what you are still missing. 

Today In Class

1. Bell Ringer: Reading Assignment pg 488-501
2. Reviewed Locke, Montesque, Rousseau, Voltaire and Enlightment thought.
3. Discussed  the nature /causes of Revolutions
a. Looked at Crane Brintons work on Revolution. Addressed the first two phases.
4. P/O Handout: Revolutions from 1700’s to the present.
a. Chronological look at revolutions.
5. Collected Charts of Major Empires.

Future Stuff

1. Chapter 23 is expected Monday/Tuesday, March 22/23. As discussed in class, these are the Focus Questions in your text book.

2. There will be work over Spring Break so if your are not going to be here next week you need to see me before you go…No excuses will be accepted…sorry but the National exam is almost upon us.

Notes From Your TA

Students, I urge you to check your Edline and turn in ALL missing work and tests by MONDAY, MARCH 22. The 9 Weeks ends next Thursday and no more late work will be accepted after Monday – No exceptions. I’m aware that most of you do not have class Monday, however this will be your last chance to get any credit. Any missing work or tests will result in a zero.



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