3/8 FCAT Week, Homework & Tests


1. We went over missing assignments (Tests and Homework). Many of you were informed connecerning what you are missing. Check Ed-line to see what you are still missing.

2. Students still need turn in Questions for Chapter 21 questions due this week. Chapter 22 is expected Monday/Tuesday, March 15 & 16. As discussed in class, these are the Focus Questions in your text book.

3. Complete the Ming Dynasty video from YouTube. This is on the PREVIOUS posting. You will need to watch ALL THREE (3) SEGMENTS. There will be a quiz Thursday/Friday (March 11/12) on the video.

4. The Chapter 14/15 Test is due Thursday/Friday (3/11-12) Please bring it to class or you will lose points.

Today In Class

1. Lectured on Commerical Revolution to Industrialization.

2. Video  on Imperialism and Colonialism. If you miss it, check with Mr. Falvo to make arragments to see it.

Notes From Your T.A.

I have received a few questions about the Chapter Questions and I would like to clarify. If you want to complete your chapter questions early, which is encouraged, please do not turn them in until they are due. Example: This week, Chapter 21. Next week, Chapter 22, etc.
Please be aware that this work needs to be extremely thorough, since there are fewer questions.

Do not forget your Chapter14/15 ,Take Home Exam(T.H.E.) due this Thursday/Friday.

Please remember that I will be out of town Wednesday-Monday. If you email the Gmail account – please do not be surprised if responses are late or questions go unanswered. I will try to check my email however, this is my Spring Break and we all deserve a break.

Review for the National  AP Exam

With the National exam just around the corner, I hope that you all are reading the CAP book (1750-1914). You need to finish this by the 25th of March (This is also the end of the 9 weeks).  Review sessions will start shortly and if you have any questions, please email me.

– Shea & Mr. Falvo


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