3/1-2/10 Today In Class

Today in class

1. Discussed changes to Homework assignments for the rest of the year.
New Questions from chapter homework
– Planning for E-portfolio (Still in development)
– Discussed the procedures for the after school review for AP World
History starting in late March
Lecture Notes – Review of Modern Era
– Emailed Lecture Notes – Changes in Trade & Technology

2. Due Today
Chapter #2o questions due March 1st and 2nd
Extra credit questions due today (Please have in before Midnight to APWorldHistory2009@gmail.com )
Online (T.H.E.) Exam-Chapter 13 Due March 1st/2nd

Future Events/Assignments
1. Chapter #21 questions due March 8th and 9th
2.Online (T.H.E.) Exam-Chapter 14/15  Due March 8th/9th

Edline  was updated Thursday at  7 pm. I rushed through the grades to finish and post them because of the workshop on Friday, so,  if I missed something, simply bring me a hard-copy of the work and I will give you full credit.

Reminder: AP Writing Workshop
Just a reminder that every Thursday we have an AP writing workshop for our students from 3-4 pm. Please make sure you have rides ready to pick you up after the workshop session.

Notes From Your T.A.

Some students are still confused at to how to write a thesis statement. I urge you to come to the writing workshops on Thursday. For those students who have attended, Mr. Falvo and I have noticed a great improvement in their writing.

A few students have had problems with their Google Docs and receiving tests and other documents, such as lecture notes. IF THIS HAPPENS EMAIL ME IMMEDIATELY! I will be MORE than happy to send you a copy of anything posted. Also, if you have changed the email address you use for Google Docs, please send me an email from the NEW account. I am pretty good, but I haven’t learned how to read minds — Maybe next semester. =)


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