2/22-23/10 TIC…CCOT and DBQ, Search and Destroy…

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I am planning a weekend workshop on Feb. 27 (Saturday) from 9 am to 1 pm to review from beginning to end the process for writing a DBQ.(polls)

Today in class
1.Search and destroy Assignment for FCAT
2. Passed out the CCOT handout worksheet
a. Our Focus for this week is to strengthen our understand in writing a CCOT esay and a DBQ.
3. Collected Ch 13 (12 ) Questions

Future Events
1. Chapter #20 questions due March 1st and 2nd
2. Extra credit questions due Friday 26th
– See handout from class on Unit 2 Questions or e-mail me at APworldhistory2009@gmail.com and we will send you a question to complete. Remember that this assignment can replace missing Homework and other possibilities.
3.Online (T.H.E.) Exam-Chapter 13 Due March 1st/2nd

AP Writing Workshop
Just a reminder that every Thursday we have an AP writing workshop for our students from 3-4 pm. Please make sure you have rides ready to pick you up after the workshop session.

Notes From Your T.A.

Students, I hope that you review our last post for VERY important information. I also want to give you a little hint for studying for the upcoming tests. I suggest that you continue to read the CAP book as well as the Mr. O’Ds Podcasts. I have found these helpful for my studies in college classes.


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