2/08/10 Today in class, Future events, etc

Today in class

Day Two students took the Vocabulary test on words 25-75, afterward we reviewed finished lecture series reviewing the Post classic series.

Future Events
1. Chapter 18 Questions due Feb 8-9

2. Tests
– FCAT Writes Feb. 9
– Take home exam: Post Classic Feudal Japan, China, Korea    Feb 11/12 R-F
-Vocab Exam Feb 18-19 (R-F) .  Shea has re-posted the Post Classical Vocabulary and there will be  a  TEST on words #101-154

Note from Mr. Falvo

Just a reminder that every Thursday we have an AP writing workshop for our students from 3-4 pm. Please make sure you have rides ready to pick you up after the workshop session.

Notes From Your T.A.

Students, I hope that you review our last post for VERY important information. I also want to give you a little hint for studying for the upcoming tests. I suggest that you continue to read the CAP book as well as the Mr. O’Ds Podcasts. I have found these helpful for my studies in college classes.


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