2/2-3 Exam…

Today in class

  1. Students took the AP World History Middle Ages exam.
  2. Finished lecture series reviewing the Post classic series.
  3. Reviewed new rules for group work.

Future Events
1. Chapter 18 Questions due Feb 8-9

2. Tests
– Vocab Exam  Feb 5-8
– FCAT Writes Feb 9
– Post Classic Feudal Japan, China, Korea    Feb 10/11
…based on the Px.Points, Lecture Notes & your CAP book
-Vocab Exam Feb 18-19 R-F
Shea has reposted the Post Classical Vocabulary and there will be  a  TEST on words #101-154

Notes From Your T.A.

Students, please be aware of your tests and homework coming up. I realize this seems like a lot of work,  but there is no slowing down with FCAT and the National exam just around the corner. I know you will do wonderfully on your FCAT Writes, and I hope you all have fun at the Cheesecake Factory. (Hopefully!)

Something has come to my attention, as well as Mr. Falvo’s. We are sending out emails and posting new documents almost every week day, and sometimes on weekends. Unless you have a problem with your internet, there is no excuse NOT to be checking it. Emailing students is a very easy and effective way to communicate. We do not send emails unless they are important. You are responsible for checking it.


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