Today in Class

1. Brain storming for essay that will be written Thursday/Friday. Topic: Compare and Contract how did Christianity impede or promote societal change during the Middle Ages.

2. Finished video lecture on Middle Ages. Students were required to take notes.

3. Turned in Chapter 14 questions. Chapter 15 will be posted on Google Docs tonight.

4. An outline for the Renaissance and Protestant Revolution Lecture Notes has also been posted on Google Docs. Please print them out

Notes From Your Teacher and T.A./Dear Parents

We feel at this time that we need to address the issue of plagiarism on assignments. Right now, we are just giving warnings and half credit on the assignment after it is redone. We will be sending home a handout with the letter to Parents explaining what exactly plagiarism is and the different kinds. We will also be sending home a new grading policy which will more accurately explain the Advance Placement requirements and expectations.

-Shea and Mr. Falvo


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Teach AP History teacher at William T. Dwyer High School...AP World History, AP US History, and AP European History.
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