Assignments, Back to School Reminders


I hope you have all had a wonderful break and a happy holidays. School resumes on Tuesday, January 5th. I know it seems like the holidays have simply flown by, but I hope you all have remembered the work you needed to do. It will be due your FIRST day back without exception.

1. Chapter 13 questions are due. Please remember to put YOUR name First and make it distinct from the other members of your group.

2. The first test in your Cracking the AP Book. Please try to do it as quickly as possible.

3. Middle Ages Notes should FILLED IN. Most of you will not know the notes just by looking at them. Please spend some time on them.

4. Please go over your Chapter 8-13 questions, there could be a quiz.

I hope you all have had an amazing break and we will see you Tuesday.

-Mr. Falvo & Shea

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Teach AP History teacher at William T. Dwyer High School...AP World History, AP US History, and AP European History.
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