A Few Reminders For Students… 12/7

Students, some people have come to Mr. Falvo and myself with questions about Google Docs and homework done on it.

1. There will be NO more than Four (4) students to a group. We do not care if you change your group, but there cannot be more than 4.

2. Every student needs to turn in a paper with their name on it. If a single name is not easily recongizable, the paper will be put in the “No Name” Tray, and the grade will be “Missing” (or M)

3.If the members of your group are not doing the work in a timely manor, then you have a choice. You can either A.) inform the students that they need to find a new group, B.) Set a deadline for when the questions should be done. C.) Find a new group for your self.

-Please be aware that ALL of these problems need to be solved internally.

If you have any questions, please email me at APWorldHistory2009@gmail.com


Today students received a handout called Ibn Battuta. Students are to map Ibn Battuta’s route and turn it in on Friday. Please, do a very good job or you will be asked to do it again and receive a zero until it is completed.


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