Today in Class.

Today in Class

Today was an LTM day, which meant that classes were shorter than usual. We had very little time to do anything but take the quiz for the Islam & Byzantine lecture.

We did assign a new lecture on Early African Societies and Civilizations for next week. There will be a QUIZ Monday/Tuesday. This Lecture can be downloaded from Google Docs.

IF you have not sent an email for a Google Docs invite, please do so now.

Notes From  Mr. Falvo

Please be aware that Edline is up to date, and we ask that you please check it as soon as possible. If we have missed something, we will be more than happy to fix it.

Notes From Your T.A.

I will not be on campus tomorrow but I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Please make sure that you turn in your Chapter 11 Questions Monday/Tuesday.



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