Today in Class…

Today in Class

Today we reviewed material from the Islam Byzantine Lecture. Students need to finish updating these lecture notes with their text book or with Shea’s notes. They have been uploaded to Google Docs.

We also completed our first Search and Destroy assignment as a preparation for FCAT

Lecture Quiz

Thursday / Friday 12/03-04 Lecture: Islam and Byzantine Empire


Google Docs

Some new files were uploaded to Google Docs. There was a Christianity Powerpoint and World Religions. Also your chapter 11 notes have been uploaded. If you are having problems getting the notes, please let us know.

Notes From Your T.A.

Students, if you are missing any work please check “Shea’s Box” next to where you turn in your work. Some students have turned in work with group names, but I’m not sure who’s paper it is. Please underline your name and period and put your work in the late box.

Also, Please be aware the Edline is up to date.

See you Tomorrow!

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