Today in Class 11/20

Today In Class

1. Finish the quiz on Ancient Rome Lecture Notes.

2 . We discussed using video podcasts to support lecture discussion.

Podcasts. Students are required to download iTunes from (this is free) and then subscribe to the podcast “Mr. ODs AP World History”.  If you have any problems, please email me with your questions. These podcasts will strongly reinforce what we do in class. A few of our students have already commented on how much it has helped them with the course.
I have assigned students to watch and take notes on “Chapter 12 – The Americas” I realize that in our book The Americas is chapter 6, however they are using a different book.

3. Students need to download the new lecture notes on Islam and Byzantium from Google Docs. They were posted earlier today. If  students have problems, please email me

4. There will be a vocabulary test on Monday/Tuesday on the Post Classical Era words numbers 1-21. These terms covers the Americas and Africa.

5. The Chapter 10 questions were also posted today and are due November 30-December 1. I realize that you will be working on these over Thanksgiving, but the work needs to get done. Please remember you need to write the questions before you answer them, and skipping lines after each answer.

6. As a reward for Students hard work so far this year, Monday and Tuesday we will be showing the video “Dark Ages”  which covers events after the fall of Rome and its impact on Western Europe and the rest of the world. This will start after your vocabulary tests. Students are expected to behave .

Notes From Your T.A.

Students, as I have been reading your chapter questions, it was come to my attention that the majority of you are not using scholarly language or specific examples.  “major bad money system” is not something I want to see on papers.
Also, when doing your chapter questions please use bullet statements and when a questions ask for “Compare & Contrast” please use a T-Bar.

I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend and a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with football and family.

Go Panthers,



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