11-18-19 Quiz, SOAPS-tone Worksheet.

Today in class

1. We took the quiz from the lecture notes “Roman Empire” and
“Roman Culture “Science, Technology and the Arts”.

FYI– Now that we are uploading lectures to Google doc’s every student should have contacted Shea regarding an invitation to this site.  As we upload these lectures we can then update students as they appear on the site through their e-mail. There will be a quiz for every lecture. The date will be announced on this site and in class.

We continue to work on  our first DBQ (Document based question) “Romans and Barbarians” using the strategy SOAPS-tone to help us analyze each document in the essay. We are doing this as a group effort and will continue to do this for the next week.

Next Class

Attention Students: Download these Lectures from Google Docs. You will have a quiz on them after Thanksgiving Vacation. Dec 1st and 2nd
A. Byzantine Empire
B. Islam

Chapter 9 questions due Monday/Tuesday
Chapter 10 questions will be due November 30th and Dec. 1st


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