Today In Class, DBQ, SOAPSTone

Today In Class

Today, students had their Winter Diagnostic for FCAT, Mr. Falvo and I hope that you all did well. Students received a new document to helped with their DBQs call SOAPSTone. This will help them analyze the documents for the national exam in May. They also received their first set of documents for their first DBQ on Ancient Rome. If you did not finish analyzing these documents, they are due next class.

Notes From Your T.A.

Students, if you have not yet done so, please email me at for lecture notes and other documents, such as the vocabulary words for the Post Classical Era (600-1450).


Students, you will have a quiz next class on the lecture notes from Google documents. (A. Lecture – Roman Empire.  B . Lecture -Roman Culture “Science, Technology and the Arts”)

You will need to finish the DBQs for next class. Also, please be aware that a vocabulary test is coming soon.

If you any any questions, please email me at


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