11/12-13/09 DBQ’s, Lectures: end of the Classical Period, Take Home Assessment Due.


House Keeping Information

1. In 2nd Period today – mid term grades were passed out.
2. Students filled out their Scan-trons for their Take Home Assessment (THA) from previous  class. Collected  “THA”.
3. I uploaded 3 Lectures onto Google Docs to let students print off  for class.

A . Lecture-Roman Empire…most classes have already finished  this lecture
B . Lecture -Roman Culture “Science, Technology and the Arts”
C .”New” Lecture – Overview Of Classical Empires  (Big Picture)

Today in Class

Today we look at Document Based Questions. Document Based Questions (DBQ’s) make up 1/3 of the essays that will be part of the AP World History National Exam. We will look at DBQ’s over the next couple of days.

Edline Grade Symbols

In a previous blog entry, I incorrectly gave the grade equivalents for student work. I accidentally used the grade equivalents from my previous honors classes. Since all my classes this year are AP, these are the new percentages  for AP work.  The letters have the following meanings:

R = Redo, 80% Once the work is complete they will receive 95%  for their grade
L = Late,80 %
I = Incomplete, 60% – If there is an “I” on your assignment, you have until next class to complete it.
M = Missing, 50%  –  This grade will be changed to a zero if the work is not turned in within two week of the posting on Edline.

Students, on edline, if you have questions, please write to us at apworldhistory2009@gmail.com


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