Dear Parents, Today In Class, Bullet Statements

Dear Parents

After talking with some parents, and dealing with some confusion about the Chapter Questions, I thought I would share some information about them and my exceptions for your child’s work.

– All Chapter questions are assigned on the first day of the week.

– They are also located at Google Docs and the website if they want to get started earlier.

– Students have one week to complete the assignments.

– Students should use the first four days of the week to complete this assignment leaving their weekends free. I have stressed the importance of doing this work Monday through Thursday to establish a regular discipline that will carry them throughout the year.  The weekend should be used to simply  edit and manage the work already done. (That is if we lived in a perfect world)

-Forty-five minutes to an hour a day (Monday through Thursday) should be enough time to complete the work for the chapter questions.

– Students should find a group to work in and use Google docs as their online place to store and work on their data.

– When students start a new Google document, they should invite Shea and me to edit it so we can help them throughout the week.

–  They are to put their answers in bullet statement form. Writing sentences only allows them to avoid answering some parts of the questions, plus this  forces them to factually address all parts of the question.

Remember, when using Bullet Statements:
* Be concise: Fewer words make a larger impact. Prepare your prose down to fewer than three sentences if you can.
* Keep to the point: A general rule is “one point, one bullet.” don’t try to cram more than one idea into each bullet item.
* Be clear: Clear and simple is best.
* Use them only when they bring clarity to your content.

– All the Chapter question assignments are due the first day of the week.

– Quality and thoroughness are essential to this activity and students will be graded on these expectations.

Edline Grade Symbols

In a previous blog entry, I incorrectly gave the grade equivalents for student work. I accidentally used the grade equivalents from my previous honors classes. Since all my classes this year are AP, these are the new percentages  for AP work.  The letters have the following meanings:

R = Redo, 80% Once the work is complete they will receive 95%  for their grade
L = Late,80 %
I = Incomplete, 60% – If there is an “I” on your assignment, you have until next class to complete it.
M = Missing, 50%  –  This grade will be changed to a zero if the work is not turned in within two week of the posting on Edline.

Students, on edline, if you have questions, please ask Shea.

Today In Class

Today, students received their take home exam and worked on a group chart, as well as took notes on the end of the Roman Empire.

Homework: The Take Home Exam is due next class. If you do not have the exam at the start of the period, you will lose 10% of the overall grade (1 letter grade) every day, not every block.

Notes from Your T.A.

Students, there are still a few of you who have not asked for an invite to Google Docs. It is crucial that you simply send me an email asking to be a part of Google Docs. Shortly, Mr. Falvo and I will start posting items and documents not available in class. If you are having problems accessing the internet, or do not have internet, please come see me or Mr. Falvo and we will work something out. You are only hurting yourself by not being apart of Google docs.


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