Today in Class, 11/4-5

Today In Class

Today students took more notes on the Roman Republic and watched a movie call “From Rome to Byzantium”. We hope students took good notes, because there could be a test next class.


Essay Exam: You will need to bring your T-Bars on Spartan/Athenian women for your  essay test this Thursday and Friday. (11/5-6)

Take Home Test: Thursday and Friday students will be given a Take Home exam (11/5-6) which will be due Monday/Tuesday (No exceptions.)  You can work in groups for the take home test.

Homework: Chapter 7 Questions are due Monday and Tuesday.

Notes From Your T.A.


If you are sick, you need to check here first. If there is a handout you missed, I can e-mail it to you. If you have missed notes, you will need to get them from a fellow student. I will not be giving students powerpoints or missed lecture notes unless you cannot get them another way. Please, check with your classmates first.

Some students have still yet to email me for a Google Docs invite. I have posted the Vocabulary Words on there Monday. If you do not have a link to The Post-Classical Era (600-1450) words, email me at

If you are doing Group work on Google docs, remember:

-No more than four (4) people to a group.
-Groups cannot work together.
-If you send me a document, make sure I can EDIT it or I will not be able to help you with it.
-No work will be graded in Google Docs at this time. Hopefully we can do this in the 2nd semester.

Until Friday,


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