Today in Class, 11/2-3

Today In Class

First I would like to say, I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween.

Today, students turned in their Chapter 6 questions on the New World. Students then took notes on the Roman Republic and Civil Wars which lead to the Roman Empire.


Students were given Chapter 7 questions, which are due next Monday/Tuesday 11/8-9.
Students were also told to download the new set of Vocabulary words called Post Classical Era (600-1450 C.E.) from either Google Docs, or The words will be posted on later today, but an email has been sent out with the invite on Google Docs.

Notes From Your T.A.

Students: You MUST email me asking for an invite to Google Docs. About half of you have done this already but that’s not enough.  I have posted my copy of the Chapter Four questions as well as my notes from college. All of these are to help you.

IF you are having problems with your internet or viewing the Google Documents, come see me or Mr. Falvo and we will work toward a solution.

Until Wednesday,


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