Today In Class, Google Docs, Powerpoint

Today In Class

Today students watched a video on the start of Ancient Roman civilizations. They were required to take on the video. After the video students were informed that they would be required to send an email to asking for an invite to Google Documents.

In Google Docs, there is a powerpoint on the Etruscans, which will NOT be taught in class. There will be a “pop” quiz on this emailed materials.


Edline was updated with the test scores. Students, on edline, if you have questions, please ask. The letters have the following meanings.

R = Redo, 95%
L = Late, 85%
I = Incomplete, 75% – If there is an “I” on your assignment, you have until next class to complete it.
M = Missing, 50%


Chapter 6 Questions are due on Monday/Tuesday.

Students also need to send an email to for access to Google documents and the Etruscan powerpoint, there will be a quiz.

A compare and contrast essay will be completed in class next week in class. In order to do this essay, students will need to bring their T-bars.

There will also be a take home test next late week on Ancient Greece/Rome. This test will not be easy.

Notes From T.A.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween weekend, and I hope to see you ALL fill my inbox with emails asking for access to google docs and the powerpoint.

UPDATE: For those already invited to Google Docs, I have finished the Ancient Greece questions. Please add any information you don’t already have.

Have a Great weekend,


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