Today in Class, 10/28-29

Today In Class

After turning in their T-bars on Ancient Spartan/Athenian women,  students watched a video on the Etrustcans. They also read a primary document based on the History of Early Rome by Livy, the first Roman historian.  Mr. Falvo and I also went over Google Documents. This is be the primary source for students to receive additional notes, outlines and various materials not given in class.


Students should be working on their Chapter 6 questions. They are due Monday/Tuesday, 11/2-3

Notes from Your TA

If students want to receive access to Google Documents, please send me an email at I will not post any invites to Google Documents here or on

You do not need a gmail account to access Google Documents. Students should have gotten back their Chapter Four questions back today.

Until Friday,


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