Today in Class 10/26, Ancient Greek Gods of Troy

Today In Class

Today, students finished the lecture on Ancient Greece. Students also turned in Chapter Five, Ancient Rome questions.

Students, please pick up your Chapter Four questions in the Blue Trays. Some students failed to put their name, date, and/or period on their chapter questions. These papers are in the No Name tray and will not be graded until these issues are fixed.


Based on the handouts on Ancient Spartan Women & Ancient Athenian Women, students were asked to make a T-Bar. This will be a 2-part assignment. An essay test will be assigned later so please make sure that your T-Bars are done well. This is due next class.

The Chapter 6: The New World Questions are due Monday/Tuesday (11/2-3)

Here is an interesting video on the Greek Gods. It will be discussed in class.

Notes From Your TA

I’m sorry to say that there will be NO Writing session this Wednesday, 10/28. It should resume next week 11/4.

Google Documents

Starting today, I will post my notes from my college class as well as my notes from your textbooks and Cracking the AP book on Google Documents. Throughout the year, various study guides, completed charts, and extra notes will be posted as well. I will also post my answers to your chapter questions on Google Documents.

To have access to Google Documents you must email me and ask for an invite, which I will be more than happy to send to you.

These will help you study for the National Exam and various tests. Extra Credit will be available throughout the year for students who contribute to Google Documents.

Extra Credit Opportunities.

Students, Mr. Falvo and I have decided to give extra credit for useful websites that help you answer the chapter questions. If you used a website for your Chapter 4 or Chapter 5 questions, please send any websites to

If you have any questions, please email me or Mr. Falvo at

Until Wednesday,


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