Today in Class, 10/21-22

Today In Class

Today, Students took their Ancient China & Ancient India Test. After the test, students got two handouts. The first was additional lecture notes on Ancient Greece. Students should go over these notes before next class in order to help lecture goes quickly. The second was a handout on Ancient Women in Sparta. This handout is due next class.

Notes From Your T.A.


3rd Hour has their Chapter Four questions on Ancient Greece due this Friday.

All classes have the Ancient Women in Sparta handout due next  class.
For Monday, all classes have their Chapter 5 questions on Ancient Rome due. These are expected to be completed and turned into the correct periods bin at the start of class.


If students don’t put their NAME, DATE, AND PERIOD in the top right hand corner of everything they turn in. If not, the assignment will not be graded.

Until Friday,


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