Today In Class, 10-19, Tests


There will be a test on Ancient India and Ancient China this Wednesday/Thursday (10/21-22)

Today in Class:

Students got a chance to review their Chapter Four Questions on Ancient Greece, which they received last week. These were due today/Tuesday for all periods except 3rd block due to PSATs. For 3rd period – Ch. 4 Questions are due Friday.

Students were also given Chapter 5 questions on Ancient Rome. These are due next Monday/Tuesday (10/26-27). 5th period’s questions will always be due on Mondays. Students, please write the question out when you answer it and skip a line between each question.

Students should also have turned in their RAFT assignments today/Tuesday. This should be a polished final draft.

Notes From Your T.A.

Today, after school we held a review session for Ancient India. Tomorrow Mr. Falvo will review Ancient China in preporation for the exam. If you are unable to attend either of these review sessions, please email me and I will help you. I have held online review sessions before and I have no problem reapting this if it helps students.

No Name/Missing Period Papers: Starting tomorrow, no papers will be graded if your Name, Date, and Period are not in the upper right hand corner of your paper. This has been made clear to you since the beginning of the year.  Any papers without this format, will be placed in the “No Name” tray if it is not labeled properly.

– Good Luck Studying!


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