Friday 10.16.09 Change for Exam Dates

Sitting in my classroom devoid of the usual sounds of school (no students around)  I  focus on finishing grades and writing my lessons. While writing my lessons for next week, I became aware of a problem that I must address. In my haste last week, I planned Tuesday and Wednesday for the Ancient India and China exam. My students understand the problem. My even day classes 2, 6 will come off of a four day gap of not having any history classes whatsoever  (Friday is teacher planning day…no school) walking directly into the jaws of this exam, a sure opportunity for failure.  I am therefore, forced to move the exam date to October 21st. (Wed) and the 22nd (Thurs)

This also means that there will be after school review on Monday and Tuesday.

Now we will see if this Blog site will achieve what it was designed to do. Reach all of my students on a daily basis. We will know Monday.

Mr. Falvo


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Teach AP History teacher at William T. Dwyer High School...AP World History, AP US History, and AP European History.
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