Today In Class, 10-12

Today In Class

Today, students turned in their notebook packet  and took a vocabulary test on words 101-155. As a reminder to those students who are turning in their notebooks tomorrow, please print this and use it as your cover sheet. BEFORE you come to class, please organize your binder according to this handout. When you arrive in class please take all of these out of your binder and paper clip them together. Mr. Falvo will give you the paper clips.


There will be a test on Ancient China and AncientIndia next week, on Tuesday and Wednesday, 10/20-21. There will only be ONE study session after school on Monday, 10/19. If you have questions, please email me.

Notes From Your T.A.

Grades will be updated to edline on Wednesday. These will be the FINAL GRADES FOR THE QUARTER.

Any thing that is posted on the website, you need to PRINT IT OUT. If you don’t, you will lose points. If you are having computer problems, or can’t print something, email me at and either I, or Mr. Falvo will be more than happy to print it for you. We understand that sometimes things don’t work correctly when we need them to. If you cannot access the link for the binder handout above, please check the previous posts.

Until Wednesday,


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