Today in Class, Tests and Homework 10-5

Today in Class

Today students took notes on Ancient China. We will finish this lecture next class. Students finishing notes on Greece, Rome and Meso-America for independent study from the CAP Book. (See homework)


There will be a vocabulary test Friday/Monday (10/9-10/12) on words 101-155.  There will also be a binder check Friday/Monday (10/9-10/12).  A handout with what is expected is coming soon.

Students will have a UNIT Test on Wednesday/Thursday of next week, October 14-15.


Cornell Notes from the  CAP Book on pages 101-130 is due Tuesday/Wednesday (10/6-10/7).

There will be no writing session next week (10/14)

Notes from your T.A.

There will be a review session after school Thursday, Monday and Wednesday next week. I am also here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after school and Mr Falvo is here everyday till at least 4:00.  If you have any questions please email me at


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